Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What I've Been Reading:
'Death Didn't Want Me... Now I Have Life' by Hannah Dee

It’s such a dangerous place to be! Inside my mind.   It flips and turns like the waves of the sea.   It is sometimes gentle but other times it’s like the sharpest rocks from the bottom find me and hurt me. They prick at the skin.
~ Hannah Dee

I'll admit that I skimmed over some of the poetry in this book. Not because it wasn't good but simply because poetry wasn't the reason for me reading this book. After being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, I found myself in a strange position. I felt as though nobody could understand the pain I was feeling and the random thoughts that haunted my mind. It was scary.

Discovering this memoir made me realize that I'm not alone, that there are others out there suffering with the same disorder. It made me feel understood. As I read, I found myself highlighting passages that specifically resonated with me. I was nodding along with what I was reading, sure that Hannah Dee had read my mind before writing this book. I felt such a connection with what she said that I could hardly believe it.

This is a must read for any BPD sufferer or indeed their partner, parent or friend. It's a journey into the dark mind of the disorder. It's painful yet passionate and I know I'll be keeping it to hand to re-visit whenever I feel myself slipping.