Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Reading Round-Up:

14. 'A Conspiracy of Alchemists' by Liesel Schwarz: [4/5] A fantastic mix of Urban Fantasy and Steampunk. The beginning of what looks set to be a brilliant series.

15. 'Abandon' by Meg Cabot: [4/5] After a brush with death a teenage girl gets mixed up in an underworld she never knew existed.

16. 'Carrie' by Stephen King: [4/5] A tale of High School Horror as a teenage girl gets revenge on the bullies that have made her life hell.

Not a great achievement this month. I kind of got lost with stuff going on in the real world and failed to visit the fictional worlds that I love so much. I'm ploughing myself back into books in April and hopefully I'll have a better reading round-up for you next time.

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