Monday, 11 March 2013

What I've Been Reading:
'Abandon' by Meg Cabot

Unlike most people, I had never read a Meg Cabot novel before this one. But the pretty cover appealed to me and I simply couldn't resist the premise.

Two years ago, Pierce Oliviera died. Well, technically it was only for an hour and her body was actually in a kind of slowed-down state due to being submerged in ice cold water. But she was still dead until the doctors managed to restart her heart. Despite what her Neurologist and various Psychiatrist's have told her, Pierce knows that the things she experienced while she was gone from this world are real, that they did happen. You see, Pierce went to the Underworld, met a mysterious black-clad stranger and barely managed to escape before he made her his wife. Forever. Yeah, it does sound like a dream or an hallucination. But Pierce has proof. There is a necklace. A ridiculously expensive diamond necklace that changes colour when danger is near. Pierce didn't own this necklace before she died. But when she woke up it was in her possession.

Now, Pierce and her Mother have moved to Isla Huesos, attempting to make a new start away from the bizarre situations that seem to plague Pierce. But it seems Pierce simply cannot escape her destiny. Her mysterious stranger from the Underworld is here on the island and he's determined to take her back where she belongs.

I really enjoyed this novel, practically inhaled it, unable to put it down for hours at a time. At times, the first person point of view and the teenage language that came with it got to be a little irritating but once I reminded myself that I was in fact reading a Young Adult novel, I managed to overlook it. There was a lot of history and mythology weaved into the fiction of this novel and Cabot's description if the Underworld was perfect, really made me feel like it may just exist.

I think the only issue for me is that this is the first book in a trilogy. I would have liked the whole story in one larger book but I understand that the trilogy format appeals more to younger readers. For me though, I'm not sure how long the story will stick with me and whether I'll be desperate enough to go out and buy the second and third instalments. I'm not sure if I could stick with the characters and the lovey-dovey stuff that I'm sure will come in the second instalment for three books.

All in all it was a good read that slumped a little in places but ultimately kept me reading.

Rating: 3/5

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