Sunday, 30 June 2013

Reading Round-up:

36. 'Queen's Gambit' by Elizabeth Fremantle: [5/5] A thoroughly enjoyable novelisation of Katherine Parr's years as consort to Henry VIII.

37. 'A Storm of Swords: part 2: Blood and Gold' by George R.R Martin: [5/5] Another great instalment to the Song of Ice and Fire series.

38. 'Sisterland' by Curtis Sittenfeld: [3/5] I had high hopes for this novel but found it fairly disappointing.

39. 'Claudia's Story' by Ashley Marie Witter: [4/5] A beautifully crafted graphic novel version of Claudia's plot line in 'Interview with the Vampire'.

40. 'Mandatory Release' by Jess Riley: [4/5] A thought-provoking novel set in a prison, that combines the dark side of life with the humour we need to invoke to survive it.

A slow reading month all in all but I'm not disappointed as I hit my target of 40 books in 2013! I can't believe I hit my target only halfway through the year. I wasn't actually expecting to read even 40 books in twelve months but I somehow managed it in six. Whatever I read now is an unexpected bonus.

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